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#1 Holistic Beauty Treatments In Birmingham City 

FACE MASSAGE [40mins] £35
HEAD MASSAGE [30mins] £45
HAND MASSAGE [30mins] £40
Above Shoulder Length £18
Below Shoulder Length £25

PS: Recommended length of time for a face massage is between 20 – 25 minutes.

As overstimulation can put over pressure on your muscles and veins and cause them to swell and potentially cause breakouts.

For this reason the time I will spend physically massaging your face will not exceed 20 – 25 minutes.

The remaining 15-20 mins will be for cleansing & preparing your face for the massage and application of after massage products.

Hand Massage: Also Includes Hand Cleanse, Exfoliation & Application of after Massage Products. 

FACIAL [60 Mins] £60
MINI FACIAL [30 Mins] £40
BACK FACIAL [60 Mins] £60
LEG FACIAL [90 mins] £80
(up to & inlc. knees only)

* All facials [Except For The Mini-Facial] includes All of the Following:

  • Cleanse 
  • Steam
  • Extraction if required (only applies to face & backfacial)
  • Massage
  • Exfoliation
  • Mask
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser
  • Herbal tea or Water

The Mini Facial, Includes Everything above except for Steam & Extraction and will include a slightly shorter face massage.


Face massage is like a work out for your face which can help with the following:

Benefits Of a Face Massage

Important Points


Although many people see a difference in the skin / face from  the very first massage (depending on the existing condition of their skin), to see the full benefits of a face massage, usually takes up to  6 months, for a person with average skin health.

The reason being is that the skin has two distinct layers, there is a third layer but this is not truly part of the skin and rather connects the skin loosely to the underlying muscles and bones. The outer layer of the skin is called the dermis and the dermis itself has 5 different layers within itself.
For the skin cells to renew and move up from the bottom layer of the dermis to the top outer layer of the dermis it takes 200 days (which is about 6 months).

Therefore consistency and patience is the key for a naturally beautiful skin.

The number of massages required per month to get the skin to the best quality possible & maintain it, varies from person to person, as a number of different factors can affect this which includes, but are not limited to:

Did you know?


The Skin is the Biggest Organ in the Human Body and is highly permeable.  

60% of what we put on our face or body is absorbed straight into the body.

100% of what we put on our underarms or private parts is absorbed into the body.

What is consumed through your skin is therefore equally important as what is consumed through your mouth. #knowyourskincareingredients #beautyfromwithin #holisticbeauty #holisticbeautytheraphy

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