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Reeya - The Owner of Isvaara LTD Birmingham


My name is Reeya and my interest in Ayurvedic / Holistic Skincare started from a very young age, when my mother started making me home-made skin care products using all natural ingredients, along with a healthy home made diet, which kept my skin very healthy.

This sparked my interest in Ayurvedic skin care and I embarked on a journey to learn more.

But things soon changed when I moved out for University and took up a part time job. My new lifestyle left me with no time/ energy to keep up with home made skincare or home made food. Before I knew I had started using mainstream skincare products for convenience’s sake. I soon realised this was not for me. But equally soon I also realised there was not much I could do about it, for the very reasons given above. 

Graduating with a degree in  Biomedical Sciences, gave me further reasons to quit mainstream skincare products, as I now had knowledge & understanding of the skins’s function, permeability, rate of absorption of anything put on the skin, harmful ingredients found in most mainstream skincare products and the implications of these toxic ingredients on the skin & overall health in general. 

But I continued finding myself stuck in a vicious cycle of knowing what to do, but not able to implement it in my practical life.

I looked for beauty salons / clinics who may offer All natural beauty treatments and products that was completely natural, but this was also very hard to come by in the UK. As even the few that was advertised as “All Natural”, was really not, when I looked into the ingredients of the products they used. 

My own journey is what inspired the founding of Isvaara Ltd with the aim of helping women who struggle to find the time & energy to fit in a clean & healthy skincare routine or are looking for “truly” All natural & Holistic Skincare Products , which would not only improve their skin health but also not affect their health & wellbeing in general.