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Before & After Care

Pre & Post Treatment care

For any treatments that includes a massage, please follow these guidelines strictly to achieve optimal results from your treatments:

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Drink a minimum of 0.5 litre warm (not hot) water throughout the 3-4 hours before your treatment

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Drink 1 L of water throughout the rest of the day after your treatment.

This is extremely important as a lot of toxins will be released during your massage (even if it is a short massage), and without enough fluid to transport the toxins out of the body the toxins will carry on circulating in the body and cause harm. 

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If possible do not lift anything heavy or do any form of exercise after the massage. We advise to relax as much as possible after a massage. The reason for this is because the massages themselves are internal exercises for your body. The massage will have kick started an internal cleansing process, which will only reach optimal benefits when the body is allowed to rest.  Not following this can put excess stress on your system which can further compromise your wellbeing.

For any treatments that includes facial, please follow these guidelines [in addition to the above guidelines] to achieve optimal results:

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Do not wash the area you had your facial until the next morning

(the products applied will get to work better overnight)

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Do not apply any additional products to your face, until you have cleaned your skin thoroughly the next morning.

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Do not go in the sun at all for the remainder of the day (if you have absolutely no way of staying away from the sun fully, apply a physical sunscreen containing zinc oxide only – do not apply any sunscreens that are chemical) - as this would counter act all the work you had done on yourself.

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Wear a hat or caps that covers your face fully or loose clothing that fully covers the area you have had facial on. Ideally the material of the clothing should be unbleached pure cotton. If you do not have this we strongly suggest you buy at least one piece of clothing that is made of unbleached pure cotton, which you can keep for your facial days.


Head Massage:

If coming for a head massage, please ensure your hair is washed and clean maximum a day before your massage. This is because after the head massage we will leave a (non-greasy) serum on your scalp, which improves scalp health and stimulates hair follicles for hair re-growth and this needs to be left in your hair for a minimum of 48 hours before washing your hair again. If your hair is greasy or unwashed / unclean I may not be able to add the serum for you.

Oil Massage

Leg Facial:

For achieving the best results from your leg facial, please make sure your legs are hair free when you come for the appointment. If you are waxing or shaving please ensure this is done at least 24 hours before the treatment. If you are having laser treatment done, please ensure your last laser hair removal session was carried out more than 48 hours prior to the Leg Facial.


Back Facial:

For achieving the best results from your back facial, please make sure your back is hair free when you come for the appointment. I am happy to shave your back for you before the facial at an additional cost, but if you would like me to do this you need to inform me of this at least 48 horus prior to your treatment, as this will change the ingredients I will be using in your back Facial, as your skin will be extra sensitive straight after shaving.